Mt Hood 3D Topo Prints

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016

Hello 2016!
Our first product launch of the year comes in the form of a fun and innovative new print..The Mt. Hood 3D Topo art print! We have been developing this idea for a while and we are pleased to finally present it. These have 3 levels; a digitally produced background print of radiating purple values, a half inch black spacer, then a floating screen printed topographic map of Mt. Hood Oregon overtop in peach. The layers of art all line up when viewing it head on and there are interesting shifts in the art as you walk around it at various angles. The print is framed in a classic black wood frame 14 inches square and 1 inch deep with backing material and hanging hardware. No assembly required and ready to hang! Proudly handmade in Portland, Oregon.

Here are some photos of the process coming together..

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TT Stickers

Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015

Let's start the rebirth of Tank Theory with some stickers shall we!  These will be included in all online orders.. Individual sticker packs coming soon too!

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Reeper Girl

Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012

We are loving the Reeper Girl tee designed by Lupo Avanti.  This is available now in our shop.  Looks like Lupo did a full fledged painting of this design as well which is just too cool!

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Tank Theory - The Weirding Way

Monday, Jun 4, 2012

The new line by Tank Theory, The Weirding Way, has finally dropped!  Grab the first offerings now on the site.

View the lookbook for the Weirding Way season here!

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New Tees Coming Soon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

We are getting samples of the new tshirt line as we speak! We'll be releasing 3-4 each month starting June 1, so keep those eyes peeled.. Below is a sneek peak of one of the new designs.. the Tank Theory Black Ops!

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Manuscript Work Up

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thought it would be cool to post the rough sketches working up to the final Manuscript tshirt. Most Tank Theory designs all begin right there in the old sketchbook...

First rough sketch..

Second tighter sketch..

Working it on the computer after scanning the sketch in....

We settled on this for the final composition and color scheme.. There are still a few of these available in our shop!

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Topo wolf

Monday, Mar 5, 2012

Struttin his stuff...

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Naked Girls

Thursday, Feb 16, 2012

An homage to every naked girl tshirt on the market.. we got that too!  Just kidding, this will never be released, although we think it would probably kill it in sales!

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